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 Where Have All the Menschen Gone?
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Item Details DJF believes the way to find soulmate does not involve EHarmony or JDate. Done that, been now being proactive. Nothing to lose and much to gain. Looking to share life and love with a man that knows the difference between a kreplach and a kipah. Graduated high school before 1968 and then followed the crowd to the big U. I know that this is a shot in the dark ~ but I'm still aiming! I know that there are many good men out there who possess the following attributes;(single:i.e=NOT MARRIED), intelligence, mirth, emotional stability, tallness (a great thing for me), education, gainful employment, good health, energy, sensuality, a birth year in the range of 1945-1954, and a zest for life. It is entirely possible that we have already met but didn't recognize one another. Or~ we're in parallel universes looking for the golden door between them. Either way, I'm hoping that this missive will be answered..
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